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With Holt in, Villa may be sending a striker out on loan

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Aston Villa, it now seems, may have an excess of strikers. Now one of them might be headed out on loan.

Laurence Griffiths

Aston Villa may be contemplating sending under-utilized striker Nicklas Helenius out on loan to a lower-level club, according to the Birmingham Mail. Helenius has struggled to find much time the pitch at all this season, and a temporary move to another club would probably be a really good idea. Helenius obviously has some potential in him, but without the chance to play regularly, it's hard to see him developing at all.

That said, it's a little bit irritating that this move is even being contemplated days after Grant Holt was brought in to ostensibly bring depth to the squad. If Aston Villa really are to move Helenius, the question becomes "How was he not depth?" If Holt coming to Villa truly was a depth issue, then sending out a striker defeats the purpose entirely.

And yes, Helenius hasn't been all that great since he's gotten to Birmingham, but Holt hasn't been all that great in two years either. I'm really a bit torn on this whole thing. Even before the Holt move, I think if you'd told me that Aston Villa were sending Helenius on loan, I'd think it was a good idea. But it flies in the face of the logic that has been provided for other moves, and simply for showing that the club is being awfully slapdash in their approach, I kind of hate this news.

There's certainly a chance that Holt coming to Villa was cover for a planned move for Helenius, but I sort of doubt that, since we've seen nothing about Helenius moving until now. But what do you think? Am I overreacting? Let me know in the comments!