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Villa make first mistake of transfer window

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It's just a loan, but bringing in Grant Holt from Championship side Wigan says a lot about Aston Villa's intentions - and none of it is good.

Paul Gilham

Uwe Rosler has confirmed that Grant Holt will be moving from Championship side Wigan to Aston Villa, on loan for the remainder of the season. The once formidable striker has made a grand total of nine starts this season, during which he picked up two goals. He comes to Villa as backup for Libor Kozák, despite the fact that Nicklas Helenius and yes, even Jordan Bowery still remain unused.

It's just a loan, so how big of a mistake can this be for Paul Lambert and the higher ups at Aston Villa?

Well, patience with the club is already stretched thin. After a supposedly bright start to the season, there's yet another relegation battle happening, for the third time in three years. The players aren't performing and Lambert has them playing some desperately boring football.

And now, despite the fact that even a blind, deaf, dumb and completely ignorant of football individual can see that what Villa need most is a midfielder, the club have gone and signed a 32 year old striker who can't get regular time in a Championship side.

Aston Villa may not need the record-busting signing of a Darren Bent this January. But they do need to give their fans a reason to hope again. It's time to open up the wallets, time to go out on a limb, time to inject some creativity into this ailing squad. It's not the time to sign aging "proper men" who once performed well - in front of entirely different squad of players, mind - under Paul Lambert.

The Villa are bleeding from multiple wounds and are in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Instead, they've slapped on the smallest sticking plaster in the box. Two weeks, Lambert and Co. You have two weeks to show that this isn't all you got. Find that tourniquet.