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Villa supporters none too thrilled about rumored transfer target

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Grant Holt is set to come to Aston Villa on loan, and no one is very happy about it. And the reasons why are pretty legitimate.

Paul Gilham

Aston Villa fans are displeased? Tell me something I don't know. But after yesterday's defeat to Arsenal, Villa supporters weren't too happy in the first place. The first half saw boring football, a lot of hoofing and two goals inside two minutes, as the defense fell apart once more.

Then came the news that Grant Holt is about to sign for the Villa. And boy, were fans not happy to hear this news.

It's not hard to understand why. Holt is a 32 year old striker who's finding it difficult to get games at Championship side Wigan. It's true that, under Paul Lambert, Holt performed to the best of his abilities. But let's face it, he's coming to the end of his career and it's highly unlikely that even Lambert can get much out of him.

And Villa fans voicing their dismay at this potential signing have some very valid points. The first, of course, is that the club is signing a striker that can't get starts in the lower leagues. The second is this: why on earth to Aston Villa need yet another striker? We're being told it's to provide cover for Libor Kozák. But what about Nicklas Helenius? Jordan Bowery? Aleksandar Tonev, even?

Villa don't need yet another striker. Not even one on loan. Especially not one that's going to provide nothing different to this squad. The problem with signing Grant Holt is that it shows absolutely nothing about Villa's ambition. It's not even like the Darren Bent signing a couple seasons back - this one isn't meant to help the side avoid relegation.

All it is, it seems, is Lambert bringing in a "proper man." Yes, one of the criticisms of this side is that it's too young and inexperienced. But going this far in the other direction doesn't show ambition or creativity on the part of the club. Instead it just demonstrates that Lambert is only willing to go in for Premier League experience when it involves a player that he's worked with in the past.

Yes, Villa could use some experience. They could use a proven goalscorer. But more than that, they could use a creative midfielder and some reinforcement in the back. Find us a midfielder, Paul, and then set your side to play the way they did in the second half against Arsenal.

Because right now, we're losing all hope. And while hope has the potential to hurt, Villa will be in an even worse situation if their supporters simply give up and surrender to the idea that the club is sliding into the Championship.

And for those fans saying, "It's just a loan, what harm can it do?" we'd like to remind you of Jermaine Jenas.