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Aston Villa transfer news: Lambert bringing Holt to Holte as first January move

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Well this is certainly an underwhelming way to start the transfers.

Chris Brunskill

Paul Lambert looks to have sewn up his first incoming transfer of the January window, and I hope you're all sitting down because this is pretty incredible. Grant Holt, who played under Lambert at Norwich City, will be coming to Aston Villa on a loan, after struggling to make Wigan's squad with any regularity. Apparently the chance to grab a player on the fringes of a Championship squad was just too much for Lambert to pass up, and all of the problems with Aston Villa's attack have now been fixed.

On a slightly less sarcastic note, Grant Holt is a player I've always loathed when he played Villa. He often plays dirty and will only add to Aston Villa's astronomically high yellow card count. That said, he's competent enough, and certainly wouldn't hurt Villa's striker depth. The loan move is low-risk and it's hard to be too angry with this particular move.

What is easier to be upset with, though, is the seeming lack of ambition in the move. We all got excited for Steven Defour, only to find out that wasn't happening. Then Nahki Wells fell through. So Lambert's back-up plans seem to be "people I've known before who don't actually fit my model of what this club should be." So get excited for Wes Hoolahan and Grant Holt. This club will fight it's way out of League One in no time!