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Aston Villa transfer rumor: Hughton brushes off Hoolahan talk

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Chris Hughton doesn't seem too keen on the idea of Wes Hoolahan leaving Norwich to rejoin Paul Lambert at Aston Villa.

Clive Rose

We learned a couple days ago that Wes Hoolahan handed in a transfer request. The 31 year old is tired of not having regular playing time at Norwich City, and he'd like to play under Paul Lambert again. It's believed that Aston Villa have put in a £1.5m offer for the midfielder, and that the Canaries pretty much laughed it off.

Hoolahan isn't normally the sort of player that Lambert would make a pass at, mostly because he's about a decade too old. Oh, and he's playing in the Premier League. But that's a pretty low sum for a player that was solid under Lambert's wing before, and who could certainly strengthen the Villa midfield.

Except Chris Hughton isn't too pleased with the idea. Never mind that Hoolahan has barely seen the pitch this season - according to Hughton, he's a part of the Norwich squad and that's where he'll stay.

It's expected the matter will be resolved next week, when the two clubs meet to discuss compensation for goalkeeper Jed Steer. But what say you? Will Hoolahan join the Villa this January?