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Aston Villa transfer news: Porto's Steven Defour won't be a Villan

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Aston Villa are no longer (if they ever were) trying to secure the services of Steven Defour, the midfielder for Belgium and FC Porto.

Scott Heavey

One of the most exciting Aston Villa transfer rumours of January is dead before it had much chance to even gain steam. Mat Kendrick is reporting that Aston Villa are no longer in the race to secure the services of FC Porto and Belgium midfielder Steven Defour. It's not especially surprising news - the link, given by Defour's agent, was fairly tenuous to begin with - but it's a bit disappointing to hear that Aston Villa won't be in this fight.

Defour filled a very real need in Aston Villa's squad (a decent midfielder), but did so in a way that wouldn't require any shifts in tactics. He plays a deep midfield and is primarily a playmaker. In other words, he's someone who would have been able to coordinate Aston Villa's counter attack, and perhaps provide more service to the starving-for-anything attack.

So that's one rumour down. The good news is that we've got three weeks left in the month, so it's far from the last enticing bit of scuttlebutt we'll hear. But what do you think? Are you disappointed to hear that Villa won't be partnering with Defour, or are you glad that they're looking elsewhere? Let us know!