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Paul Lambert slapped with a fine

The FA has fined Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert for comments made after the August 22 match between Chelsea and Villa.

Scott Heavey

Paul Lambert has been hit with a £8,000 fine for making comments to the media after Aston Villa's 2-1 loss to Chelsea. Remember that wonderful match in August? The one where Branislav Ivanovic elbowed Christian Benteke and then went on to score the winning goal? And then Villa were denied a penalty in stoppage time, despite the fact that John Terry appeared to handle the ball?

Well, apparently the FA believes that Lambert had no right to criticize referee Kevin Friend, and so have slapped the Villa boss with a fine. And possibly a ruler.

Speaking after the match, Lambert stated that Ivanovic's elbow was a clear sending off, and then went on to say: "The penalty was a penalty, everybody saw that. The referee missed two huge moments. How can you miss a decision of that magnitude? It is beyond me. My team were brilliant. I don’t think we deserved to lose that game."