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Kickin' It: Aston Villa and the international break, Alan Hutton is being annoying again

News from the world of football for September 6, 2013.

Michael Regan

Despite there being no match for Aston Villa this weekend, there's still some stuff we can talk about. Aston Villa announced a new corporate sponsor. Oh and Alan Hutton is still annoying. Here's some news from the world of Villa and the world of football in general.

Villans abroad: Previewing Aston Villa and the international break | 7500 to Holte

In case you missed it yesterday, here's 7500's look at the Villans who will be in action for their respective countries this weekend. With the two national teams that I mainly support (Germany and the US) very close to qualifying, my main hope is that the Villans playing do well, but also come home unhurt.

Aston Villa's Alan Hutton faces only playing for Scotland after loan bids are rejected | The Mirror

Aston Villa want rid of Alan Hutton. Alan Hutton wants to leave Aston Villa. Other clubs are (somehow) interested in Alan Hutton. No deal with another club is reached due to terms not being met. Alan Hutton is sad.

Hey Alan, I'm sure you like getting paid the stupid wages Alex McLeish signed you to. Here's the thing: other clubs are aware that your contract is absurd. You are an Aston Villa player. They are allowed to ask for terms that they consider reasonable. In order to leave, you're gonna need to lower those wages. (I'm guessing that's what held up these deals. Who the hell would want to pay those full wages for an on loan Alan Hutton?) If you don't want to do that then just train with the academy kids and enjoy your money. Otherwise, shut up.

Belgium's new heroes know beating Scotland will edge them closer to Brazil | The Guardian

It shouldn't surprise anyone anymore, but Belgium are good and young. Not that it's their fault, but I think we've gotten to the point where Belgium can no longer be considered as sleepers should they qualify for the World Cup. You hear about them all the time as a team that could do damage next summer. But at the same time, winning in 2014 may still be a step too far. There should be another word for a team that's at the status they're currently in. Nap-er? "I'm just resting my eyes"-er? I've got nothing.

Newcastle's Joe Kinnear fails to woo any stellar deadline-day recruits | The Guardian

This could come back to haunt me in a week, but I could not be any more amused by the Joe Kinnear Newcastle Reunion Tour. His stint as manager there was funny enough, but the fact that he's back is hilarious.

Villa announce partnership with Turkish Airlines for 2013-14 | Aston Villa Official Site

This doesn't matter all that much, other than the fact that this will make the club some extra money. (Probably not enough money for Randy Lerner and Paul Faulkner to go swimming in a pool of money Scrooge McDuck-style, but money nonetheless.) I'm mainly putting this in here to alert you to the fantastically awkward picture featuring Faulkner, Paul Lambert and a uni-browed Turkish Airlines representative.

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