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Kickin' It: Wrapping up the transfers around the league

You football news and links for September 3, 2013.

Jasper Juinen

Transfer day is done! Hooray! That just means it's time to round up everything that happened around the league. Be sure to check back later today when Aaron will have grades for Aston Villa's work over the summer. Let's get right to today's links!

Ireland glad to be gone | Birmingham Mail

Stephen Ireland is glad to be out of Birmingham and playing at Stoke City now, eager to restart his career. Oddly, Villa fans are glad he's out of Birmingham, too.

Deadline Day 2013 Hub | SB Nation

The fine folks across the SB Nation network did an amazing job covering deadline day yesterday, and here's the center of it all.

Manchester United duped by imposters | The Busby Babe

By far the most entertaining story of the day was Manchester United's absolute ineptitude in the market. It's even funnier than Arsenal doing nothing forever. But this? This was the highlight of it all.

Deal may fail because people still use fax | The Busby Babe

You're reading this on a computer. We live in an age of instant gratification. Manchester United may have screwed up a deal because they did not send a fax in time. Living in 1992 is the best. Also the best? Manchester United just being a total mess.

The former Villan completed a loan to Everton in the dying minutes of the transfer window. Why don't we have a delicious candy nickname for Aston Villa?

Arsenal finally get their man | The Short Fuse

Rumour has it that the Özil move only went through because someone convinced Wenger he was buy orzo, which was cheap enough for him.

Aston Villa summer wrap-up | 7500 to Holte

Well that was a heady few months wasn't it? So how about this for the comments: what was Villa's best move of the summer? Let us know below!

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