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Kickin' It: Are Aston Villa a long ball team, Lambert encouraged by Albrighton

Your football news and links for September 26, 2013.

Michael Regan

In today's Kickin' It: James Nursey does James Nursey things, Marc Albrighton gets some praise and Villa pick up a new fan.

Are Aston Villa a long ball team? And how much will Christian Benteke be missed? | The Mirror

I was actually with James Nursey for a bit here. He talks about how Villa have played a lot of long balls, but how he wouldn't exactly call them a "direct" or long ball team. But then he has to slip in stuff about Alex McLeish because he's James Nursey and he's writing about Aston Villa. Whatever.

Lambert encouraged by winger Alrighton's return to action | Aston Villa Official Site

I hope Lambert's "encouraged" in the sense that he'll give Marc Albrighton more chances to prove himself and become part of the regular squad again. Not "encouraged" in that now he can ship Marc out on loan somewhere and then sell him in January. Because the second one would make me really sad. I'm still a fan of Albrighton and would love to see him get back to being somewhat close to the player he was in 2010.

Shaka Hislop's Power Rankings | ESPN FC

In past weeks, I've read these power ranking and laughed at how ridiculous some of them were. This week's list seems a little better, but having power rankings in a sport like football seems a little ridiculous. Trying to compare teams across leagues like this just ends up being really arbitrary.

Oakland Raiders coach Saunders joins growing fan list | Aston Villa Official Site

I thought this was really random, until I saw his great-uncle was Ron Saunders. It makes a little more sense now. It's still close to the last thing I was expecting to see on the OS, though. But Welcome to the club Mr. Saunders. No, we can't put you on the table with Tom Hanks and Prince William. We can put you on the table with that lady who did that awful song for the 2010 League Cup Final. No? Well, alright.

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