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Christian Benteke injury worse than we thought

Aston Villa may find themselves without their star for a month or more.

Michael Regan

Aston Villa's star striker Christian Benteke will miss four to six weeks of action, according to the club. The Belgian injured his groin in the early minutes of Saturday's match against Norwich when he lost his footing and had one of his legs go out from under him, and we now know the injury was worse than initially thought. If he is out for just a month, Benteke will miss matches against Manchester City and Tottenham and at Hull City. There's also a chance he could miss the Villa Park visit of Everton. It's not a stretch in which Aston Villa will be comfortable without their best player.

It's hard to see any good in this news. The club will likely find themselves using Libor Kozak significantly more and, while Kozak is a decent player, he's a pretty steep drop from the level of play we've come to expect from Benteke. If there is any silver lining to be had, it's the fact that Benteke not playing makes him less visible to teams that may be thinking of swooping for him in the January window. But let's be honest, I'm just grasping at straws here. Coupled with the full-season injury of Jores Okore, this is bad news for Aston Villa.

I already sort of hate this season.

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