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Liverpool decline to bring Villa keeper in on loan

It seems that Shay Given will be staying with Aston Villa after all.

Stu Forster

BBC reporter Ian Dennis is reporting that Liverpool will not be after Shay Given after all:

We've thought for a few days that Given would be walking alone up to join the top-of-the-table club, but I guess that's not happening. It means that Given and his bloated salary will be sitting around Birmingham, ready to take on the role that Andy Marshall filled so ably until this summer: keeper who is never heard from.

I imagine that the big sticking point on this loan was Given's wages, which are some of the highest on Aston Villa, after the club inexplicably signed the former Irish international to a long-term high-wage contract. That said, they've at least shuffled part of the wages of Stephen Ireland and Darren Bent somewhere else, so this wasn't the biggest possible priority.

From everything I've seen, this effectively means the end of Aston Villa's summer transfer activity. Of course keep checking back, as we'll have updates if anything else sneaks in during the last two hours of the window. We'll also have a wrap-up of all the summer moves this evening, and some comprehensive grades tomorrow.

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