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Czech him off the list: Aston Villa officially sign Kozak from Lazio

The Libor Kozak move that has so many scratching their heads is final.

/stifles yawn
/stifles yawn
Claudio Villa

It appears that Lazio didn't need to bring anyone else in before they let go of Czech striker Libor Kozak. Aston Villa have officially signed Kozak in a deal that is leaving many Aston Villa fans confused. Kozak becomes the club's sixth striker, after Christian Benteke, Andi Weimann, Gabby Agbonlahor, Aleksandar Tonev, and Nicklas Helenius. The deal is for four years and will keep Kozak in Birmingham through the 2016-17 season.

Nevertheless, Kozak is hardly going to be an expensive buy, despite his torrid goal-scoring pace in the Europa League last year. It's hard to really justify this move, but thanks to the low cost it's equally hard to be enraged by it. I suppose that, in itself, is the hallmark of a Paul Lambert move. For the vast majority of his transfers, if they don't work, the club isn't sunk. And that's a refreshing change from the days of MON.

So, to everyone reading, I would like to wish you Happy Libor Day! We'll have any other breaking news as it happens throughout the day.

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