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Aston Villa midfielder has medical scheduled at Crystal Palace

We're one step closer to this being over.

Clive Mason

Mat Kendrick is reporting that Barry Bannan is as close as can be to completing a transfer to Ian Holloway's Crystal Palace. The Scottish midfielder apparently has a medical scheduled with the newly promoted London side tomorrow morning, which should be the final formality before this entire deal is finished.

As far as fee is concerned, we shouldn't be expecting to get back too much. I've seen a few reports of something in the £700,000 range, but nothing that looks even vaguely official. Nevertheless, I'd expect Bannan to fetch something in that range.

To be entirely honest with you, the most astonishing thing about this entire "saga" is that things are so quiet at Aston Villa as we approach the deadline that Barry Bannan is considered big news. I mean, sure, he was a promising young player. But my goodness, he's not a part of Aston Villa's plans and he hasn't shown a bit of skill in ages. I kind of like the new Aston Villa, in which the transfer deadline is - in all actuality - pretty quiet.

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