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Kickin' It: Signing Shay Given is like a night of heavy drinking in Dublin

All of the links you need to start your week off right.

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Stu Forster

With no Aston Villa match this past weekend - and none coming up this week - the full Monday-edition of Kickin' It will be taking a rest. We'll have it back next week though as EPL play ramps up again. Until then, please enjoy these assorted football links. And stick around today, if there's any breaking transfer news, we'll be sure to have it for you!

"Sadly, the night before was a Tuesday and Tuesday's were notoriously busy, socially speaking, around Dublin. Wednesdays were also rather hectic, as was Thursday through Monday. We liked a drink, okay? What of it?"

What a delightfully well-written post. Even though it's a couple of days old, you should give it a read for the writing style alone.

Redesigned club crests are lovely | Behance

These are some lovely minimal re-imaginings of famous football crests. I like that Wolves don't look too much different from reality.

Arsenal drawn to Group Fart | The Short Fuse

I enjoyed this amusing look at Arsenal's misfortune at being drawn into a Champions League group with Borussia Dortmund and Napoli.

You are the wind beneath my wings | Uncrate

No, this isn't football. I just really hope that some wealthy reader will decide that they've got money to throw away and would like to buy this as a gift for we here at 7500 to Holte. Pretty please?

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