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Kickin' It: The NextGen Series' demise, Gabby lauded for his "cute" brain, and more

Your football news and links for September 18, 2013.

Laurence Griffiths

NextGen sidelined to make the rich richer | The Independent

One of the lone highlights for Aston Villa last season was the youth team winning the NextGen Series. The Series was a great opportunity for teams who relied on academies (rather than money) to showcase their younger talent. Unfortunately, UEFA have ditched the NextGen Series in favor of just having a youth tournament that uses Champions League teams. It's pretty annoying, and this article does a great job of pointing out why.

Club or Collymore seem to have troubles with word usage | AVFC Official Site

In which the Official Site, in their role as promoter, trumpet the call of TalkSPORT commentator and former Villan Stan Collymore to have Gabby Agbonlahor play on the national team. The best part though is the money quote, in which the club claims Collymore said "He has honed his movement down to a tee over the course of more than six seasons in the top flight and has developed a cute football brain." (Emphasis mine.) In this quote, there is one of two problems:

  1. Collymore said that Gabby has developed "an acute" football brain and the club mis-transcribed.
  2. Collymore actually said that Gabby has developed a cute football brain and is therefore a very disturbing individual who thinks that fleshy grey matter is adorable.
I hope it's #1, because #2 disturbs me for some reason.

Are Sunderland screwing over their season ticket holders? | Roker Report

Firstly: I just want to say that I don't really agree with this article. The general premise is as follows: Sunderland are giving away free tickets to the Liverpool match to those who had dropped their season tickets. Season ticket holding author feels that this is a slap across the face to those who have remained loyal and continue to purchase season tickets (and aren't getting a free match). To my mind, it seems like a good idea: it maybe is a good gesture to get people buying tickets again, and it assures a full(er) house against a good club. But I thought the other viewpoint was at least interesting enough to point out.

A closer look at the Newcastle debacle | 7500 to Holte

I just wanted to highlight UTVilla's latest piece in case you missed it yesterday. It's a good look at what happened in the match and why it may not be as bad as many of us (myself included) think.

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