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Kickin' It: Ashley Young is still awful, but he's not the biggest diver you'll see today

Your football news and links for Tuesday, September 17th.

Stu Forster

Today's the beginning of the Champions League group stage, clearly the biggest thing happening in the world of football right now. We'll get to that in a moment, but let's begin the links with a bit of schadenfreude, shall we?Your footbaa

Serial diver Ashley Young 'should be banned for five matches' insists Graham Poll | ESPN

It seems as though many are displeased with former Villa winger Ashley Young's flair for the dramatic, and his latest stunt in Manchester United's win over Crystal Palace this weekend has drawn some serious criticism. Former Premier League referee Graham Poll is calling for the FA to take immediate action.

UEFA Champions League Preview: Moyes’s debut, Guardiola’s challenge, and Casillas’s call highlight Tuesday action | ProSoccerTalk

The Champions League is back, and here's a preview of all of Tuesday's fixtures. There are eight games in total today, with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, and PSG all in action.

Players urged to wear rainbow laces for anti-homphobia launch | BBC Sport

Gay rights organization Stonewall has distributed rainbow laces to every Football League club in the UK and professional team in Scotland in the hope that players will wear the laces in a show of support for the Right Behind Gay Footballers campaign.

Parachutist stops play as Salisbury and Chester players look on amazed | The Guardian

Football is different in the lower leagues, and here's one more example. Salisbury and Chester were in the second half of their Conference match when a skydiver landed roughly on the field, packed up his chute, and left.

And finally, stolen from our friends over at Sounder At Heart, here is one of the derpiest derps to have ever derped on a football pitch, followed directly by an even derpier derp. Derp.

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