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See Benteke's goal and other highlights from Aston Villa's 1-2 loss to Newcastle

Gifs of all the goals in this weekend's Aston Villa-Newcastle United match.

Mark Thompson

Well yes, this weekend's match was terrible. But it did provide Christian Benteke's fifth goal of this already young season. But there were also goals by Newcastle United's Hatem Ben Arfa and Yoan Gouffran that exposed the Aston Villa defense as being pretty shaky. We've got all of that here for you today. Remember, if you feel angry, just focus on the Benteke goal. It'll make life better.

Hatem Ben Arfa (18')

Ben Arfa terrorized the Villa defenders all day and was unlucky to have this be his lone goal. It was as if Villa hadn't watched any video of the striker. Here's a hint to future defenders: DON'T SHOW HIM TO HIS LEFT FOOT. THERE ONLY SORROW WAITS.

Here's the goal, by the way:


Oddly, this was probably the least skill-ful of all of Ben Arfa's attempts of the day. All he had to do was volley it home. Unfortunately, all he had to do was volley it home.

Christian Benteke (67')

The lone bright spot in a pretty terrible day. Benteke's fourth goal in as many EPL matches has him on pace for 38 on the season. It's not going to happen, but this is just your reminder that Benteke may have been the best signing by any club all summer:


You may notice in that gif that the ball seems to be coming from the corner. No, I have not manipulated it. Aston Villa actually scored from a corner. I'm as befuddled as you are. Here's another angle:


Yoan Gouffran (73')

So with the Benteke goal, I began thinking "there's plenty of time for Villa to get another and win this." And then they went ahead and let this happen. Gouffran had only been on the pitch or a few minutes, and he made Alan Pardew look quite smart for bringing him on:


Aston Villa should be as ashamed of making a Pardew move look smart as they are of losing this match. I'm still not sure if I'm angry at Brad Guzan for not corralling Ben Arfa's first shot that led to the rebound. Your thoughts as to whom I should direct my anger are welcome in the comments.