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Crystal Palace in talks with Aston Villa midfielder

Barry Bannan is reportedly in talks with Crystal Palace to solidify a move to the newly-promoted club.

Paul Gilham

We've reported that Barry Bannan was possibly headed to Crystal Palace a couple of times, but information out today seems to suggest that a move is closer to being done. Take it away, Brendan McLoughlin:

If the report is in fact true, the discussion of personal terms means that the clubs have agreed on some sort of a deal. Assuming Bannan realizes this may be his last chance to secure playing time until at least January, I can't imagine there will be any trouble in this stage of the transfer. Then again, Barry Bannan has been stupid in the past.

As McLoughlin points out, Bannan is a known quantity to Ian Holloway, who was the manager of Blackpool while the midfielder was there on loan in 2009-10. It's likely to be a cheap move for Palace, and Villa have no need for Bannan any more. Assuming this goes through, it's a good deal for both sides.

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