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Cup football is coming -- does the Villa draw foreshadow good luck?

Aston Villa will host Rotherham in the second round of the Capital One Cup. League Cup action returns the week of August 26.

May this year be better...
May this year be better...
Michael Regan

The second round draw for the League Cup was announced today, and Aston Villa will play -- drum roll please! -- Rotherham. Villa will host the Millers during the week of August 26 and, should everything go according to plan, move into the third round, which will include the Premier League sides playing in Europe.

Ok, yes, it's tough to get a lot of mileage out of the news that Villa will play a freshly-promoted League 1 side. Although to be fair to Rotherham, they did finish as runners up in the League Cup, albeit back in 1961 (the first year the League Cup was played). But if you know your Aston Villa history, you'll know that the team who won the tournament that season was none other than the Villa. So nice to see you again, Rotherham!

Other than that, the fixture list doesn't look too terribly exciting. You can cheer on Yeovil as they host Birmingham City, and Newport County as they play away to West Bromwich Albion.