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Kickin' It: Shay Given may be a deadline deal for Liverpool

There's not too much happening in the world of Aston Villa, but that won't dissuade us from bringing you the daily links.

Stu Forster

We've got one transfer rumour worth thinking about, one failed transfer, and a cartoon of Jose Mourinho, among other things. And let's all be honest, it's the last item of that list that we're most excited about. Onto the links!

Shay Given ready to play important part in Liverpool League Cup run | Daily Mail

Apparently Liverpool are interested in bringing in Shay Given to be their number 2 goalkeeper. After seeing what an Enda Stevens-led Notts County did to them in the second round of the League Cup, Brendan Rodgers is apparently eager to try the power of Aston Villa castaways.

Michael Bradley could play a major role at Sunderland | American Soccer Now

But in the words of Gareth, "well, this would be annoying."

Liam Prynn returns to Torquay United after brief stint with Aston Villa | This Is Devon

I don't share this story to bring any grief upon Prynn, who I feel really badly for. I just thought this was a superb take on the troubles of signing young players and sending them away from their homes so early.

Kit sponsors and manufacturers since 1992-93 | Flip Flop Fly Ball

The one thing I'm trying to figure out is what he categorized Acorns as. I think it's the white space at the top, sadly.

Jose Mourinho: Special Ones GO! | We Ain't Got No History

If you don't click this and watch Jose Mourinho turned into a Portuguese cartoons we are no longer friends. I mean it. Don't talk to me. Go away. STOP IT.

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