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Aston Villa to give thousands back to fans

Aston Villa will be a part of a scheme among Premier League clubs to help subsidize away travel.

Clive Mason

Aston Villa will be giving money back to fans to the tune of £200,000 as part of a new League-wide push to increase away attendance. The total represents the club's share of £4 million that Premier League clubs have set aside to help promote fans traveling in light of a 10% decline in such attendance.

The subsidies are being spearheaded by the League itself, as explained by Richard Scudamore, the EPL's chief executive. "One of our unique selling points is the away attendance because it creates the tension, the passion, the show."

This initiative should be greeted with extra warmth among Aston Villa fans, who are widely regarded as among the league's best in terms of away showings. It's not uncommon to hear Villa fans drowning out the locals when the team travels, and I'd imagine this will only make that more of an issue. It's a smart move by the league, and doubly so by Villa, who take that atmosphere and almost turn the tables in many of the venues around the league.

So now you can go sing and chant to your heart's content while having it paid for by the club. At least in theory. More details will be released by Villa as they become available.

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