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See Weimann's stunner and other highlights from 3-0 win over Rotherham

All of the highlights you need from Aston Villa's win over Rotherham United in the second round of the Capital One Cup.

Stu Forster

I wasn't expecting to write this post today. For all I knew, Aston Villa's League Cup match against Rotherham United was only being broadcast on AVTV with Jack Woodward doing the announcing. Then, a few minutes before the match kicked off, I found out that there were TV feeds, which meant that it would be possible to make gifs for you all. So, without further ado, let's marvel at the three goals - all lovely - that Villa scored in their first clean sheet since December 8 of last year.

Andi Weimann - 19'

Up until Andi scored this goal, Rotherham had looked like the better team. They had put all sorts of pressure on the home team and were still pressing. But then, as Villa are wont to do, they had a counterattack. Andi tried to pass the ball, but he aimed poorly and hit a defender instead. Luckily, it rebounded to him, and he decided to have a go from outside the right corner of the box. This was the result:


Oddly, for a League Cup match, there was some great camera work going on today, so we've got that from a better angle for you:


I can't tell what I love more: the goal or Andi's understated celebration. But Rotherham were still pressing pretty hard. Eventually Aston Villa began to assert control and then, in the 40th minute, this happened:

Christian Benteke - 40'


Of course it came on the counter. I'm pretty sure Villa will score 50% of their goals on the counter this season, and I'm not exaggerating for humour. I honestly think that. Again, we've got a couple of different views for you:


Or how about this look:


While Benteke should certainly get credit for the fantastic finish, the cross from Gabby Agbonlahor shouldn't be overlooked. As Aaron pointed out on twitter during the match, it's absolutely amazing how much better at crossing Gabby has become in the past few months.

The teams went into the second half with the score at 2-0. When we came back, we were treated to something as common as the air we breathe: Fabian Delph getting a yellow card. Feel free to use this gif as your "Fabian got a yellow" forever.


Fabian Delph - 53'

But then a few minutes later, he decided to make up for it. Christian Benteke had the ball, and chipped a cheeky pass up to Delph. What happened next was one of the best first touches I've seen in a while, as Delph snagged the ball with his left foot, deftly sent it to his right, and hammered home the match's final goal:


You can see Delph's footwork better here:


In addition to getting the ball to his stronger foot, Delph was able to take the pace off the play, which neither Rotherham defender was expecting. It's the space that this created that led to the goal.


So with this dominating performance, Aston Villa advanced to the third round of the competition, where a home date with Tottenham awaits.

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