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Aston Villa defender sent to Notts County on loan

Enda Stevens will join League One side Notts County on a 28-day emergency loan.

Clive Mason

Aston Villa and Notts County have announced an agreement that will send 23-year-old left back Enda Stevens to the League One side on a 28-day emergency loan. The Magpies face off against Liverpool tonight in the second round of the League Cup, and have suffered a number of defensive injuries. The loan has been agreed upon in enough time for Stevens to potentially make his Notts County debut tonight at Liverpool.

I'll admit to being a bit curious about a move like this. Is this the sort of thing that Aston Villa does as a favor to Notts County? Maybe the sort of move that will impact future dealings, making the lower club look more favorably upon Villa? Or is this just a matter of "Well, Stevens can get some first team play there, might as well ship him off for four weeks"? Regardless of the motivation, the young lad brought in by Alex McLeish who received nine appearances with the Villa first team last season will be dropping down a couple of leagues for a bit, but he'll be playing against Premier League talent. Not a terrible deal, all told.

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