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Kickin' It: Christian Benteke continues to be linked to other clubs by idiots

Your daily football news, links, and open thread for August 27, 2013

Seeing a football for the first time is a life-changing experience.
Seeing a football for the first time is a life-changing experience.
Michael Steele

It was a bit of a slow news day on the Aston Villa front, but there are a few really enjoyable reads to pass on to you today. And some total jackassery regarding Christian Benteke. Also, a bit of self promotion in case you missed a post that ran on this site yesterday.

Wanker Watch: former AVFC striker says other teams should buy Benteke |

I'm thinking of just writing an article once the window closes and Benteke is still around. It'll probably just be pictures of people laughing. Maybe some gifs, too.

Fabian Delph impressing this season: a look at his career | My Old Man Said

We've been tossing around the idea of writing a piece on Fabian Delph's apparent resurgance for ages. But it seems that My Old Man Said beat us to the punch with a really fun read. I'm increasingly finding this blog to be one of my go-to reads, by the way. Well worth the bookmark.

Brad Guzan tries to lobby for American support | AVFC Official Site

I'll go ahead and say what I'm thinking here: Godzan's interview seems a little bit canned. But whatever, it's cool to see him trying to get Americans to support Villa. As he points out, with all the USMNT players Villa have had, it shouldn't be too tough.

Breaking down the Sturridge goal that doomed Villa | The Liverpool Offside

Here's a look at the way Daniel Sturridge tore apart the back line to score the game-winner on Saturday. It hurts to look at, but take heart in the fact that no one on our team is named ass-pass.

Arsenal possibly bidding on Angel Di Maria | The Short Fuse


An in-depth look at Villa's first three matches | 7500 to Holte

Finally, in case you missed it, this piece by UTVilla yesterday was an excellent, insightful look at what Aston Villa have been doing tactically in their first three matches. If you didn't get to read it yesterday, make time for it today.

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And don't forget to join us in the comments for today's open thread! Remember, anything is game. I'll start you off with a question: if you weren't a Villa fan (inconceivable!) what team would you support?

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