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See highlights from Villa's loss to Liverpool including Sturridge goal

Gifs of all of the highlights (?) of the Villa 0-1 Liverpool match.

Michael Steele

I'll be honest about this. When I committed to doing gif recaps of weekend matches, I didn't think we'd have any this boring. You'll see the Sturridge goal for Liverpool - which was an absolute beauty - and then a couple of things I just happened to notice as promising about Aston Villa. Let's get on with it!

In the 21st minute, Daniel Sturridge decided to make a mockery of the Aston Villa defense, and just absolutely carved them up. Brad Guzan seemed to have played the ball at least decently well, forcing Sturridge to a position that would likely be too wide for a shot, but with a nifty little slide the striker popped the ball into the back of the net:


I know I'm not supposed to love it (Liverpool goal and all), but it was a great goal and probably one of the better finishes we'll see all season.

From here out, there wasn't too much that was gif worth. In the second half, Gabby Agbonlahor had a lovely chance when Christian Benteke corralled a ball in the air, but he sent it just a bit wide left:


This led to a sad-at-the-time funny-in-retrospect Paul Lambert dance that I thought was worth immortalizing:


The other really heartening thing to take from the match was the play of Jores Okore and Antonio Luna. Luna, in particular, looked to be quite effective in getting up the pitch. This little display - even though it amounted to nothing - really impressed me:


I know the loss was disappointing, but there are still a few positives to take from it. Hopefully Villa can bounce back for a mid-week League Cup tie against a far weaker squad.