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Pictures from Aston Villa's opening win at Arsenal

A collection of images from Aston Villa's 1-3 win at Arsenal to open the season.

While Aston Villa's 1-3 win at Arsenal didn't give us as many stunning images as we'd all have liked to see, there were still more than enough to bring us happy memories of the unexpected opening-day win. We've got reactions to the first three goals scored, though sadly there isn't anything that we can get that shows Antonio Luna's goal. For that, check out our gifs posted earlier today.

The win gives Aston Villa some nice momentum headed into the rest of this tough week, which will see them travel to Chelsea before returning to Villa Park to take on Liverpool. After that, we've got a blissful week of rest before Villa take to the pitch again in September. It'd be great to see them get more points from the week, but even these will make sure it's not a total wash.

All photos are courtesy of Getty Images. Be sure to check in every Monday after a match for more photos from the weekend that was.