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The 7500 to Holte Fantasy Football League

Want to test your mettle against fellow Villa fans? We've got just the league for you.

I'm only using this photo because of Jack Grealish's hair
I'm only using this photo because of Jack Grealish's hair
Michael Steele

As we've done in years past, 7500 to Holte will have its own Fantasy Premier League this season. This is a Classic league on the Premier League website, and the code to join is 1760501-394671. We'll check in on the league from time to time as the season goes along, and of course feel free to use the forum on the fantasy site itself for all of your trash-talking needs (provided you keep it classy and fun, of course.)

The only prize will be bragging rights, but in many ways that is the sweetest prize of all. Or something. At the very least, you are all but guaranteed to finish ahead of me. I'm far too clever for my own good where things like this are concerned. Though one would expect the majority of folks in the league to be Villa fans, there are no barriers to entry; anyone is more than welcome to join.

So, what are you waiting for? Head right on over here and sign up!