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Crystal Palace take surprising step for Aston Villa Striker

Crystal Palace have made a surprising step forward in the race for Darren Bent.

Michael Regan

Word is spreading that Crystal Palace have agreed to personal terms with out-of-favor Aston Villa striker Darren Bent. The news is surprising, given that most have considered Fulham the likely landing place for the savior of the 2010-11 season. What's left to be done now for the Eagles is coming to terms with Aston Villa on their £6 million asking fee.

In addition to being surprising news because of what we've all assumed, I'm also pretty shocked that Crystal Palace managed to come to terms with Bent before they could get a fee. When news first broke that the club were interested, I assumed that the stumbling block would be Bent's astronomically high wages. Apparently the newly promoted club is willing to pay well for a better chance at survival, which may be a smart move. The danger lies in Bent underperforming andalace dropping, where they would be saddled with his wages in a precarious financial situation.

A move to Crystal Palace makes football sense, but it'll be an interesting financial gamble. But again, I just want to see this over with. Hurry up and do something, anyone.