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Alan Hutton no Belshazzar, stalls Mallorca move

Alan Hutton's season-long loan to Mallorca has hit a snag: Alan Hutton

Mike Hewitt

The writing's on the wall, but Alan Hutton just can't seem to see it. Despite the fact that it is readily apparent that he is wanted by no one but Mallorca, he has apparently asked for terms that even a club dumb enough to take on Hutton has balked at. The club's coach, Llorenc Serra Ferrer has said that the move for Hutton "has become complicated because the player is now asking for other things and that cannot be. It has to stop."

I'm not quite sure what those other things are, but given Hutton's tenuous position in the world of football, if it's anything other than "a kit" he's probably asking too much. What is really striking about this is that Hutton has no real bargaining power at all. If a team can get him for practically nothing, he's a good deal. If they can't, they'll just not take him. Hopefully the Scot wises up and takes whatever Mallorca are offering, because he's got no chance of playing at Paul Lambert's Aston Villa.

Elsewhere in that article, Ferrer is quoted as saying that talks with Aston Villa were "difficult and complicated because they introduced illogical clauses." I'm not one to usually do this, but an in the know source has given me a look at some of those clauses:

Slippery slope clause: "If Hutton plays 3 matches, you are also required to take Barry Bannan. And if he then plays 2 matches, you must accept the contracts of Stephen Ireland and Shay Given."

Affirming the consequent clause: "If Alan Hutton is to play for you, Mallorca must be a club. Because Mallorca is a club, Alan Hutton must play for you."

Denying the antecedent clause: "If Aston Villa are moved to Spain, Mallorca will not take him on a season-long loan. Aston Villa have not moved to Spain, however, so Mallorca will not not take him on a season-long loan."

Syllogistic fallacy clause: "Alan Hutton is a football player. Mallorca may pay upwards of £5 million for a football player. Therefore, Mallorca will pay at least £5 million for Alan Hutton."

I can see where Aston Villa were coming from, but you've got to be more rigorously logical in your contract negotiations. It was worth a try, though!

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