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Spurs to make offer for Benteke

While Aston Villa have repeatedly said they’ll sell Christian Benteke for no less than £25 million, Spurs seem ready to test the club’s resolve.

Clive Rose

It seems that after all of the talk about Christian Benteke being a prime target for Tottenham Hotspur the London club are ready to finally make an offer. The Telegraph is reporting that Spurs are going to make a formal offer of £20 million for the Belgian striker sometime next week. Throughout the entire saga, we've read that Aston Villa will sell Benteke for no less than £25 million, so this seems like a bid that will be swiftly rejected.

Nevertheless, Spurs may be testing Randy Lerner and Paul Lambert's resolve with the offer. With cash on the table, will the duo be able to resist letting go of their striker while they still have time to find a replacement. I'd like to think that they can hold out. Benteke isn't making huge wages and keeping him around - even if he doesn't play - wouldn't be the worst thing for the club. Tottenham obviously want Benteke, so this seems like the sort of bid that'll be entered merely to get negotiations going.

So Benteke likely won't be going anywhere too soon, but unless Tottenham are serious that they believe he's overvalued, expect to see them increase the offer and likely nab the Belgian. In the meantime, it's been reported that Benteke is expected to participate in training at Bodymoor Heath once the team returns for Germany. If that's actually enforced, we should expect to hear more about the issue rather quickly.