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Two more injured in Aston Villa’s German trip

After Jores Okore was pulled out of the first match of Aston Villa’s preseason trip to Germany, we hoped we’d seen the end of the injuries. Silly us: this is Aston Villa!

Thomas Starke

On Wednesday, we heard that Jores Okore hobbled out of Aston Villa's first preseason match in Germany. On Thursday there was the news that his replacement had flown in from Birmingham. Most of us hoped that would be the end of the injury news, and nothing seemed to happen during Friday's match that should have worried us. But, lest we all forget that we root for Aston Villa, we've got two more players who have reported to the physio for treatment.

Gabriel Agbonlahor and Aleksander Tonev are both expected to join Okore in missing today's last match in Germany thanks to a couple of knocks they've taken. Agbonlahor apparently hurt his knee, which is never something you want to hear about a player whose game relies so heavily on pace. Tonev nabbed himself a thigh strain. Aside from missing today's match, there's no word as to the severity of the injuries or when we'll see the players back on the pitch for Villa.

Maybe this just means that Villa are getting their injuries out of the way early this year. What, I can dream, can't I?