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Aston Villa and Younes Belhanda may be in talks; they may also not be

Twitter had reports of Aston Villa meeting with Younes Belhanda in Morocco. Who knows if they're true?!

Christof Koepsel

Let me preface this by saying we've got no idea how reliable the website I'm about to link and the twitter rumors I'm about to talk about are. On the scale of transfer rumors, this would fall into the absolutely least solid category. Nevertheless, it might turn out to be something. So!

The Arabic-language website is reporting that delegates from Aston Villa are meeting with Montpellier midfielder Younes Belhanda in Marrakesh, Morocco. Belhanda is in Morocco ahead of the national team's clash with Tanzania in World Cup qualifying, a match in which he looks to play a significant role. We've known for about a week that Aston Villa have been connected to Belhanda - and that the interest may be mutual - but this is the first we've heard about any potential meetings between the player and club.

Again, we've got no idea how much faith to put into these rumors, but we will absolutely keep you updated with anything new that develops.