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Some Villa fans would do well to get priorities straight

The Birmingham Mail did a survey to see what Aston Villa fans would most like the club to achieve next season. The results suggest that Villa fans may be a bit petty.

Clive Mason

So the Birmingham Mail did as they are wont to do at the end of a season, and did a quick survey of fans. I'm not sure how many people took the survey, but the results are fascinating to look at. But the one result I want to look at is one that the Mail themselves noticed. When fans were asked what they would most like Villa to achieve next season, the top answer (with 36.3%) was "Win the FA cup." Well, that's an admirable goal, I'd say. So I assume that "win the League Cup" or "finish in the top ____" would be next.

But nope. Coming in at second place, with 20.2% of the vote, was "Finish higher than West Bromwich Albion."

Wait, wait, wait. 20.2% of you were asked "What would you most like Villa to achieve next season," and you decided that "17th is fine, so long as the Baggies are 18th." I've got to go to my gif trunk here to properly answer that 20.2% of you.



You could win the league! You could qualify for Europe! You could even have the honest-to-God realistic expectation of "Hey, it'd be great to win the largely-meaningless-but-still-a-trophy-and-a-spot-in-Europe League Cup." And you choose to do better than our fierce local rival The Albion? The people who named their team after the address on the envelopes you can send them in the post? You know, West Bromwich, Albion. The people who get bent out of shape if you refer to it as "an Albion" (which, by the way, is the only accepted nomenclature on this site)? THAT is your goal, your dream, your highest aspiration for the season?



Admittedly, this means that 79.8% of you are sane folk. But for the other 20.2%, don't you all remember that WBA aren't out biggest rival? Birmingham City are. And guess what.




To most of you who read this site, I am preaching to the choir. But if you're part of the 20.2% (WE ARE THE DIMWITS!)... get a stinking life. Because you know what? You all sound like West Brom fans.