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Aston Villa is Belhanda's choice, according to French Radio

According to RMC Sport Radio, Younes Belhanda has chosen Aston Villa. Be skeptical, but this could be amazing news.

Mike Hewitt

This is very tenuous at this point, but reports on twitter have it that a French radio station - Radio Monte Carlo Sport (RMC Sport) - is reporting that Younes Belhanda has chosen Aston Villa. The first mention I saw came from Sam Tighe:

Obviously, let's all be a bit wary. It's a report of someone who heard a radio report. There's plenty of room for this to be proven wrong later.

But, coming on the heels of the news yesterday that Belhanda would like to play in England and was currently leaning towards Aston Villa, this is really encouraging. Belhanda would be a fantastic signing for the summer, and to nail him down so early would likely make other acquisitions a bit more easy to pull off, if only from the strategic and logistical sense of knowing that the club have one major position filled.

So, be skeptical (heaven knows I am). As Gareth pointed out in our quick emails back and forth, RMC Sport is the sort of the equivalent of TalkSport. But still, this is better than hearing he's outright rejected us!