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Benteke urged by Chelsea keeper to go to Atletico Madrid

Thibaut Courtois, who spent the last two years on loan from Chelsea at Atletico Madrid, is urging his fellow Belgian to move to Spain.

Denis Doyle

Thibaut Courtois, a Chelsea keeper who has spent the last two seasons on loan at Atletico Madrid, is urging Christian Benteke to join the La Liga side. Courtois, who, with Benteke, is traveling with the Belgian national team and has said that Benteke "could be a great signing for Atletico." The second-best club in Madrid will be playing in the Champions League next year thanks to their third-place finish in La Liga.

In addition to their shared national club, Courtois and Benteke bookended each other at Belgian club Genk. Considering they are both young players on similar career paths, it's not crazy to think that the two are friendly, and Courtois says he knows Benteke well. The keeper plans on using that relationship to sway Benteke. "During these days with the national team I'm going to ask him about his future."

Now if Benteke had to leave Aston Villa, I'd prefer he go to a squad outside the EPL so I wouldn't have to watch him be amazing all the time. And he'd likely be a good fit at Atletico, given their need for a good striker. That said, this is just more speculation from people who are a few degrees removed from Benteke. We've not actually heard anything from Benteke or his agent to make us worry.

Nevertheless, this international business cannot end quickly enough. Is it September 1 yet?