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Aston Villa signing new keeper; may be evil villain

Aston Villa are bringing in a new keeper. He will likely take the place of Shay Given in the role of backup to Brad Guzan.

Chris Brunskill

According to the official site, Aston Villa will be signing a new keeper to provide some competition to Brad Guzan. Paul Lambert will be bringing in Jed Steer from Norwich City once he becomes a free agent on July 1. One can only assume that Steer will be flying into Birmingham to sign the contract after a rough day of forcing the locals to work on his cattle ranch for wages far below the legal minimum. Afterwards he will tie a damsel to a railroad track and laugh maniacally while a train bears down upon her.

In all reality, while the article linked talks about competition, I think what we're seeing here is a replacement for Shay Given's inevitable departure. Guzan won't have competition for his spot, as he was one of the best keepers in England last year. Steer will be the middle man while young Benji Siegrist continues to get regular playing time on the youth squad.

So, (eventually) welcome to Villa, Steer. Here's hoping that we don't get to know you too well. It's nothing personal, but if we do, something's gone terribly awry.