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AaB striker Helenius headed to Birmingham to talk terms

Aalborg have given striker Nicklas Helenius permission to travel to Birmingham ahead of an expected transfer to Aston Villa.

Alex Livesey

Nicklas Helenius, the Aalborg striker who first came to our attention yesterday, has been given permission by his club to travel to Birmingham, ostensibly to work out the personal deals of a transfer. This piece of news seems to confirm what Aston Villa said yesterday: that a deal should be completed in the next ten days.

Nevertheless, this does not mean a deal has been totally reached. Allan Gaarde, director of AaB and the captain of the second-letter-gets-doubled squad, has said that while negotiations between AaB and Aston Villa have advanced, "we've not quite agreed." Multiple sources are reporting that the deal - if and when it is reached - will be somewhere in the £2 million range.

For his part, the 22-year-old who was second in the Danish Superliga in scoring last season is eager to come to England and hopes to make an immediate impact, saying "I do not want to come to England to sit on the bench." Given the public demand, if we see Paul Lambert finish the move, I think it's safe to assume that we'll see plenty of Helenius this season.

If you'd like a reminder why all of these negotiations are so public, be sure to check out our explainer from yesterday.