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Newcastle interested in Darren Bent: by all means take him

Newcastle United are interested in acquiring Darren Bent from Aston Villa.

Scott Heavey

Newcastle United are apparently interested in bringing Darren Bent north, and are willing to pay Aston Villa somewhere in the range of £6 million to do so. The fee would be a massive loss for Villa, who made Bent their club-record signing when they paid £24 million for him. But despite the loss, it seems like a smart move from Villa's perspective. The deal could be potentially held up by wage demands. Currently, Bent is receiving £70,000 per week (!) which is more than Newcastle are likely to want to pay. I imagine that Bent's desire to regularly play first-team football, though, will lead to him taking a pay cut.

One report I read had Newcastle offering Papiss Cisse in return for Bent, but I can't imagine a deal like this needing a makeweight, so I don't put too much credence in that.

The whole Darren Bent saga is a bit sad, to be honest. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who never complained too loudly while he was left out of the team this year. He's still got some skill for poaching a goal, as we saw in the Wigan match to end the season, and he could contribute at another club. Unfortunately, his skill set just doesn't fit with what Paul Lambert is doing at Aston Villa. If Newcastle don't take him, I hope he grabs a starting job somewhere.

From Villa's perspective, their never going to make up the money they paid for Bent, and it seems unlikely that he will play anything but a tiny bit-role going forward, so they should be willing to take pretty much any offer. If they don't, they're getting nothing for a player who will contribute nothing. If they do, they'll get something for that same player. Yes, it's a loss overall, but that original fee is a sunken cost. Might as well get something now.