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Helenius to Aston Villa rumours: Why we're hearing them

A quick clarification of the seemingly odd tactic of announcing negotiations.

Chris Brunskill

This might have worked as an update to the original post, but I thought it was interesting enough to get its own spot. As mentioned earlier, Danish club Aalborg BK (AaB) publicly confirmed that they were in negotiations with Aston Villa for the services of Nicklas Helenius. Shortly thereafter, Aston Villa confirmed the report officially, noting that they expected to "conclude the deal, subject to a medical and personal terms, in the next 10 days."

This struck me - and apparently many others - as awfully strange. Given the fact that under Paul Lambert Aston Villa has been very taciturn about transfer dealings, this seemed like an oddly transparent approach to a deal. Well, it turns out that AaB is a club that is publicly listed on the Danish stock market, and as such are required to inform their shareholders of any large-scale negotiations. I can't figure out what exactly is meant by large-scale (is it based on a percentage of a company's value, or is there a flat amount?), but from the rumblings I'm seeing on twitter, this doesn't mean Villa will be breaking the bank.

At this point, I'd be shocked if the deal ended up being for more than £3 million and it could be significantly less. Admittedly, this is totally a gut feeling.

As was pointed out in the comments of the original post, it's really hard to tell too much about Helenius. In that highlight package, he favors his left foot so much that you might call him the anti-Robben. Additionally, the quality of defense was... shaky at best. Nevertheless, if he comes cheaply, Helenius could be useful. He's 1.95 m (6'5") tall, and was second in the Danish Superliga in scoring last year, averaging about one goal in every three matches over his career. If the price is right, it's hard to be mad at a speculative move like this with lots of potential upside.