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Aston Villa in negotiations for Danish striker Nicklas Helenius

Accoridng to the website of Aalborg BK, Aston Villa have entered negotiations for the services of Danish striker Nicklas Helenius.

Gareth Copley

Danish Superliga club Aalborg BK (AaB) have reported on their website that they've entered negotiations with Aston Villa for striker Nicklas Helenius. In a move of startling transparency, the club writes "Further information will be published when there is either reached an agreement or negotiations have collapsed." (translation via Google) Helenius is a 22-year-old who scored 16 goals in the Danish league last year, and also made his debut with the Danish national team last August.

In 95 total appearances with AaB since 2010, Helenius has scored 35 times. His performance in league play last year helped propel AaB to a fifth-place finish, which qualifies them for the Europa second playoff round. I won't pretend to know if Helenius would be an amazing signing for Villa, but this highlights package makes him look pretty darn fantastic. Regardless, he's another young striker who would come relatively cheaply and could be part of a core around which Villa could build. Given the track record, I have a hard time seeing this as anything but a positive move.

The one question it does raise is whether this casts any light on the team's plans for Christian Benteke. After renweing Andreas Weimann's contract yesterday and knowing that we've got Gabriel Agbonlahor around, signing another young striker could be a sign that the club are looking for Benteke insurance in case he leaves over the summer. If that's the case, it's a wise move. If Benteke stays, we've got extra depth. If he leaves, Villa aren't caught with their pants around their ankles. Hopefully it's the former.