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Belhanda may not be an Aston Villa target

A report claims that - contrary to everything we've heard - Aston Villa have no interest in Montepellier winger Younes Belhanda.

Christof Koepsel

In case we all needed a reminder that 1) this is silly season and 2) we all shouldn't get our hopes up, the Express and Star is reporting that Aston Villa have not only not met with Montpellier midfielder Younes Belhanda, but they also have no interest in doing so. The report says that Villa haven't even bid on Belhanda, nor is the player on the team's shortlist. If this is true, it'd bring to a crashing halt the rumors that Belhanda was a few deft pen swipes away from bolstering the club's midfield. It would also mean that Montpellier's president had outright lied when he mentioned that Villa had made an offer.

But don't throw away hope for the Moroccan international yet. While I generally trust the Express and Star, the story linked above has absolutely no attribution whatsoever and is well below their general standard of reporting. There's a very good chance that they've gotten this wrong or that whatever Villa sources they're using are just being cagey.

The other thing worth noting in the article is that Lambert is looking to bring in players before the pre-season Germany tour that begins on July 7. That means we'll undoubtedly see some more transfers in the next month. At least we won't be bored?