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Aston Villa reach 40 points, move into 13th

Gabriel Agbonlahor scored a brace for Aston Villa at Norwich on Saturday, moving the Villa up to 13th, with 40 points. Safety isn't assured but things are certainly looking up for Paul Lambert and his men.

Mark Thompson

And...breathe. Pry your fingers away from the whisky bottle and stop adding extra cans of deodorant to your shopping trolley. The victory over Norwich City puts Aston Villa at 40 points, the mark that traditionally means safety in the Premier League.

Granted, the Villa aren't safe yet. In fact, pretty much no one below 10th place is safe -- that's how incredibly tight the table is right now. But those three points are absolutely massive for the Villa, and are a big fat blessing for those of us who have weak hearts.

This win was all thanks to Mr. Villa himself, Gabby Agbonlahor. He's the one that scored the first goal for the Villa, but more importantly, he's the one who scored the last. Villa being Villa -- and Joe Bennett being Joe Bennett -- let the Canaries back into the match by handing them a penalty. But in the 90th minute, Gabby stepped up and sank a second, once again displaying his speed, power, and brilliance.

There's much to be said about why Joe Bennett exists at all. We'll get to that. But for now, put on your Agbonlahor kits and thank the heavens that this man is ours. Today, it's time to celebrate.