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Arsenal-Wigan: Open match thread. Come panic with us!

Arsenal take on Wigan in a match that could decide Aston Villa's Premiership fate! Come join us and panic!

This is what every Villa fan will look like today.
This is what every Villa fan will look like today.
Chris Brunskill

Well, after 37 matches played by Aston Villa, it's all come down to this. A match played in which the claret and blue won't even be present. Wigan and Arsenal are just about set to take the field in London at the Emirates. As we are all abundantly aware, an Arsenal win or draw will mean that Villa are safe. If Wigan somehow win, we all get to become raging alcoholics as we panic int he lead-up to Sunday's season finale.

So come and join us in the comments! We'll be panicking here and - of course - on our twitter account. I'm not really sure what else to say. I've spent my day trying to convince myself that Arsenal have it in them to win, but I'm not sure if I really believe it. The only ray of sunshine is that even if Wigan win, Villa control their own destiny. But let's not let it get there.

Up the Gunners!