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Aston Villa vs. Fulham, open match thread

We're not safe yet, buckos. Join The open match thread and cower in fear with the rest of us.

Guess who!
Guess who!
Clive Rose

Well, Villa-Fulham clearly matters in regards to the relegation battle. But can we say the same for anything else this weekend? Not really. Norwich takes on Arsenal at the Emirates but the Canaries are probably safe, while QPR and Reading are both in action but they're probably doomed. Lots of stuff could happen in mid-week, but that's too far away.

I'm pretty bullish on this team right now, and I think they're gonna win this here match. If they don't, well, there's still a whole lot of season left.

Unrelated, timezones suck. It's super late here in beautiful Seattle, and I really want to say smarter things about this game, but my brain is fried and I've got nothing. I'm 100% sure I'm going to watch this game with a cup of coffee that I'm too lazy to lift at my side, simmering in apathy, until one little tiny thing happens to remind me that there's a ton at stake here, and then I'll be up and throwing things. It's a weird arrangement.

UTV, boys.