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Norwich City Hopes To Sign Andreas Weimann Away From Villa

The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.
The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.
Ben Hoskins

For a few weeks one of the stories sitting below the whole 'oh god is Aston Villa going to get relegated' thing has been the ongoing contract talks between the club and beloved Austrian international striker Andreas Weimann. Weimann, who has made Villa fans everywhere scream absurd things at their televisions or internet streams out of sheer delight (see also: scored) eleven times this season, is now rumored to be on the wish list of former Birmingham City and current Norwich City manager Chris Hughton.

Norwich City seek someone of Weimann's abilities most likely because they've scored fewer goals (28) this season than Aston Villa (31). One might happily recall that Norwich lost at home to Villa in the Capital One Cup 4-1. One might also, not so happily, recall that Norwich, despite having one more man than Villa for an entire half, managed only one goal against the not-so-stout Villa defense in an early season encounter.

Aston Villa has a couple of things over Norwich City. One, Norwich's most successful ever manager Paul Lambert left the club for Aston Villa. Second, Aston Villa is a larger club as evidenced by Lambert's departure and pretty much every other metric one can surmise. Norwich City fans upon reading this will point to last season's mid table finish and their spot (a whopping four points) ahead of Villa in this year's table. Congratulations are in order!

Sure, Weimann and Villa have hit a snag in talks but the striker has recently stated his love for the club and he may just be hoping to see Villa get a stronger foothold on top flight football next season. Fair play to Weimann, he's earned the right to get every pound he can. He's been a revelation this season and established himself as a solid Premier League forward.