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Watch Aston Villa's goals against Reading and QPR

My laptop has been dead for a while, so I had to miss making gifs of Aston Villa's goals in their most recent wins. In this post I try to make that up to you.

Ben Hoskins

A couple of weeks ago, my computer started randomly crashing. "Funny," I thought and began to Google the crash reports. Turns out it was a video card problem, which means that any sort of video was causing the system to die. Of course, as you can imagine, this meant that I couldn't make any gifs until I got it fixed.

Well, the laptop is finally back and I managed to miss two of the more excited Aston Villa matches we've seen in ages. So, despite the fact that they're a bit late, I thought everyone would enjoy gifs of the five goals Aston Villa have scored in their past two matches. Without further ado, here they are:

Reading 1-2 Aston Villa

Christian Benteke - 33'


This goal is, of course, a joy to watch. But what I really love about this is the keeper. You see, on tumblr lately there has been an amazing gif of a puppy trying to catch a toy and just absolutely miserably failing. Here:



The keeper in this situation reminded me of the puppy. Don't believe me?


Just rolling around after failing miserably to intercept a flying thing. They must be cousins.

Gabriel Agbonlahor - 45'


This was incredible. Nice, long build-up by Aston Villa, then a shot that came inches from glory. At that point, I imagine we'd normally expect Villa to, I don't know, kick it 17 feet above the crossbars. But Gabby instead took the shot from about 6 yards out and absolutely hammered it into the back of the net. Seriously, that is one of the hardest-struck close-range goals I've ever seen. He looks like he wanted to put a hole in the net. For your viewing pleasure, here's another angle:


Aston Villa 3-2 Queens Park Rangers

Before I get to the goals, there has been a lot of talk in the past couple of days as to whether or not Brad Guzan deserves his call-up to the USMNT, and once called up whether he deserves to start. Alexi Lalas, in particular, had some rabble to rouse. I'd just like to add one piece of evidence to Guzan's case:


Anyhow, onto the goals.

Gabriel Agbonlahor - 45' + 3'


Now, we at 7500 to Holte are committed to bringing you all the best in Aston Villa goal celebrations, so to that end (and given the fact that people seemed to love this one) here is Gabby celebrating.


In the match, I saw a more tenacious Villa than I've seen in seemingly forever. Take for instance this sequence that came about a minute before Weimann's goal.


Sure, nothing came of it, but you've got Villa pressing hard and absolutely refusing to give up. This is what I love to see from the club.

Andreas Weimann - 59'


Well this is just a lovely hard-stuck ball from the Austrian Predator. Also, I will never pass up a chance to gif my favorite celebration in all of sports:


Christian Benteke - 81'


Remember that tenacity I mentioned earlier? Here it is again, leading to the winning goal. And since we've started a pattern, why not have another celebration. This time, it's Paul Lambert attempting to get a piggy-back ride.


What a phenomenal two weeks this has been. Apologies if I've crashed your browser!