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More international news: the funnies from Scotland

With Scotland players busy making excuses as to why they can't play in the World Cup qualifiers, Barry Bannan has stepped into the breach. He'll join Alan Hutton in attempting to take down Wales and Serbia.

I will never, ever tire of this photo
I will never, ever tire of this photo
Jeff J Mitchell

Sky Sports News have announced that Barry Bannan has been called up to the Scotland squad, probably due to the fact that West Bromwich Albion midfielder James Morrison has pulled out with a hamstring injury. In addition, Ross McCormack, James Forrest and Danny Fox all withdrew from the squad on Monday. Apparently no one wants to help Scotland beat Wales and Serbia.

No one, that is, except Barry Bannan, the Scottish Messi. Despite the fact that the Aston Villa midfielder has only earned his recent starts due to other injuries in the squad, Gordon Strachan has seen it fit to include him in the side. That or, as you can see above, there are just no other Scottish players who he can call upon.

Then again, having Bazza in the national team isn't quite as funny as having Alan Hutton, who went off to Real Mallorca just so he could get a chance to play for his country. The strategy worked and Hutton was called up to the original squad. Possibly because, as he put it, playing against Cristiano Ronaldo has prepared him well for facing Gareth Bale.

Does Hutton not remember that he has faced Bale in the past? Or has he blocked all time in England out of his mind?