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Guzaniacs untied: Brad fans rush to support the Villa keeper

On Monday, Alexi Lalas questioned why Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan should start for the USMNT over Nick Rimando of Real Salt Lake. Here are some of the best responses to that question.

Filthy dirty diver, that Brad
Filthy dirty diver, that Brad
Christopher Lee

  1. After the USMNT roster was announced, it seemed clear that Brad Guzan would start the U.S. qualifiers against Costa Rica and Mexico. However, Alexi Lalas seemed confused as to why this might be a given...
  2. So why is Brad Guzan a better choice than Nick Rimando to start for the #USMNT team? (and you can't use b/c he plays in BPL)
  3. Despite the fact that Lalas tweeted this at an hour during which most Villa supporters were tucked up safely in their beds, Guzaniacs still rushed to Brad's defense. Within minutes, plenty of excellent reasons came across the twitters.
  4. @AlexiLalas Built like brick wall, cat like reflexes and great command of area. There's a reason Guzan has 14 more caps than Rimando...
  5. @AlexiLalas NOPE.Villa fans are used to someone getting past all their defenders but Guzan almost always makes an impossible save.That's why
  6. You think Brad Guzan is sitting there and thinking, "Just like club ball for me. I. Got. This."
  7. @AlexiLalas no disrespect to Rimando or MLS but Guzan is in great form and has played in more meaningful matches recently. I trust him more.
  8. Brad Guzan has way more neck veins that bulge out when he's screaming at people. #PointGuzan
  9. @AlexiLalas With all due respect to Wondo, Keane, etc., Guzan is stopping shots WEEKLY from some of the best in the world. No contest.
  10. @AlexiLalas because Guzan is used to playing behind a horrible defense and a midfield that can't hold possession?
  11. Lalas was asked why it should be Rimando over Guzan. Guzaniacs had answers to his response for that as well.
  12. OK, how about b/c he's better with his feet and distribution? RT @hazeme111 Why should Rimando be over Guzan?
  13. @AlexiLalas So what if he's better with his feet? It comes down to actually blocking shots and Guzan has been doing that better than anyone.
  14. Does Nick Rimando pluck crosses out if the air with the greatest of ease?
  15. @AlexiLalas Guzan is really good with his distribution- should both be ahead of Howard because they're better in that aspect?
  16. Guzan is better with his hands. Nuff said. RT @AlexiLalas: OK, how about b/c he's better with his feet and distribution?
  17. And this may be the best response of all (and yes, that's the official Brad Friedel account)
  18. GK situation US: YOU ARE IN GREAT HANDS WITH GUZAN!!!! If he was also hurt of course I would consider helping until Tim and Brad were fit!!
  19. And yet...we still have this comment
  20. So it basically comes down to that Guzan is taller than Rimando. Got it.

Got more reasons? Leave 'em in the comments!