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Charles N'Zogbia: "I'm happy to hurt people"

Aston Villa winger Charles N'Zogbia limped out of Sunday's match against West Ham with a calf injury, but he's confident he'll be ready for the game at Arsenal. Oh, and it seems he's ok with getting down and dirty on the pitch himself.

Ian Walton

Charles N'Zogbia continued his fine run of form against West Ham United on Sunday, scoring Aston Villa's second goal via a masterful free kick. So when Blazing Roaches limped off the field in the 85th minute, a familiar feeling of panic settled over Villa fans' shoulders. Of course, that also had something to do with the fact that the visitors were hammering Brad Guzan's goal for the final ten minutes. But this injury thing...we're a bit tired of it.

Fortunately, it seems N'Zogbia is going to be just fine. The desperate West Ham showed their fear of the Frenchman by kicking him in the calf, but the two week break before Villa visit Arsenal gives him plenty of time to recover.

And to make jokes about it to Mat Kendrick. Yep, it seems Zogs is just fine with the physical aspect of England's game, going so far as to say: "I'm happy to hurt people too. Sometimes it's good. Some French people like to kick too, so it's no problem!"

Those supporters who lit into Jack Grealish for his Twitter comments about not liking defenders who just hack away at the opposition are going to take up N'Zogbia as their favorite player now. A Frenchman who likes to get dirty -- who knew?